Board of Directors


  • Zivorad Vojinovic (1954), B. A. in Economics, with vast international experience in the jobs of manufacturing and distribution of plant protection products. Member of the Company's Board of Directors since 2000.
  • Branislav Medakovic (1959), B. A. in Economics, certified internal auditor. Member of the Board of Directors and the Company's internal auditor since 2006. Employed at the Governmental Audit Office of EU Funds management system in Serbia.
  • Dusan Mojsilovic (1960), B. Sc. in Agricultural Engineering, with vast experience in regional agricultural business. Owner of "Agromarket" d.o.o, with a share of 59.17% in the Company ownership. Member of the Company's Board of Directors since 2000.


  • Mirjana Bogicevic (1956), B. A. in Economics, authorized accountant and certified internal auditor. Executive director of "Sava nezivotno osiguranje" a.d.o. Belgrade. Founder and member of the Serbian Association of Internal Auditors. Member of the Company's Board of Directors since 2012. President of the company's Board of Directors since January 10th, 2020.


  • Dragan Nenadovic (1964), B. A. in Economics. General Manager of the Company since 2000. President of the Board of the Association for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Rubber and Non-Metal Industry of the SCC, President of the Group of Domestic Manufacturers of Plant Protection Products, member of the Serbian Association of Corporate Directors. Owner of 6.58% of the Company shares.
  • Slavica Pekovic (1969), B. Sc. in Electrical Engineering and M. A. in Management. Employed with the Company since 2002, on the position of Director of the Common Affairs Department since 2004.